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February 2018 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEOne of the benefits of gardening, in our part of Canada, is that we have the ideal weather in the winter months to stay indoors pondering and planning our garden spaces for the new season. I use this time to think about what I would like to do differently, as I research my options, and start to put a plan into place. Gardening websites, Pinterest, YouTube and magazines are all great
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January 2018 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Welcome to the New Year!The Oshawa Garden Club will be turning 87 in 2018, quite an accomplishment for a volunteer organization. We are still green and growing with a strong membership base and our commitment and vision remain relevant. We continue to be educated and inspired and we have many accomplished gardeners attending our meetings. We continue to promote partnerships in the
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November 2017 Greenleaf

WHAT'S THE STORY, MORNING GLORY?THE STORY IS...THE NOVEMBER MEETING IS BIG!ARRIVE EARLY! The doors open for members at 6:30 pm and for vendors at 5:00 pm.The GREETER tonight is Merle...will there be antics?! Arrive early for the CRAFT SHOW and shop until you drop at our annual one-of-a-kind, craft show. We plan to have a dozen tables, showcasing watercolours, stained glass, note cards,
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October 2017 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEI wake up to dark skies and enjoy cool, crisp morning walks and warm sunny days. Fall is coming and it is my favourite time of the year. I look forward to the bright colours of the turning leaves, pumpkin carving, and planting for my spring gardens. The grasses that have shared space, often unseen, in my summer containers are now focal points with their splendor. As gardeners, we
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September 2017 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEWelcome back!I hope that your summer was all that you had wished. I enjoyed garden tours and jaunts with friends, visiting new garden centres, and returning to many inspiring spots. I reconnected with our cottage neighbours and shared meals served al fresco. My gardens are a buzz with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. We did have rain, a great deal of rain, but I appreciated not
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June 2017 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEGardening season is here!There is so much to do and see!The Plant Sale was an enormous success, even with a bit of rain.Thanks to Gloria, Garry, and their committee, along with our members who donated their time, plants and lawns for Plant Sale signs. Garry has some plants for sale so be sure to watch for his van and trailer or ask him about his driveway sales.I would like to thank
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGENo matter where I go in the Gardening World, I am pleased to meet, chat and share with other gardeners. We are such a happy and enthusiastic group of people, at this time of year, as we anticipate our plants crowning through the earth, trees budding, and all our green garden plans are starting to unfold.This is a busy time for your Oshawa Garden Club and we hope you will join us
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April 2017 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEI would like to extend a warm welcome and a Happy Spring to our members!It is the membership that drives the Oshawa Garden Club. Like many non-profit organizations, there are a number of volunteers who work to make each meeting, event, and community involvement a success. Thank you to the volunteers for organizing the following events!We want to make it easy for you to participate,
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2017 Special Edition April 1

A MerleColeProduction!PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEOshawa Garden Club is going to the dogs, and other small crittersWelcome to this Special Edition of the Newsletter, Oshawa Garden Club's traditional way of welcoming Spring! Now, we will look forward, in a lighthearted way, to the coming year. We like to look at ourselves as one big, happy family, who tend to grow on each other as we share experiences, share
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March 2017 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGESpring is in the ….aisles!With 80 mph winds and below zero temperatures, I crossed the parking lot into Costco recently.There it was! SPRING! I had been hoping to find it sprouting in my garden, with the greening and firming of my lawn or with the warmer air around me, but here it was! The aisles were filled with outdoor furniture, gardening tools, pots, grass seed and décor!
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February 2017 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEMany people believe that Canadian gardeners spend their winter months pondering, planning and seeding for their next season of gardening. Well, I am pleased to report that your Oshawa Garden Club has been doing just that for YOU!Behind the scenes we are a busy group! I have compared us to a colony of bees working hard to provide our members with sweet rewards. There is no time
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January 2017 Greenleaf

JANUARY PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEHappy New Year 2017!As we celebrate the arrival of a New Year, I would like to remind you that the Oshawa Garden Club offers a variety of opportunities to involve our members. There are various committees, community initiatives, social networking, photo and plant design competitions and more. We hope to inspire you and to provide you with the latest tips and trends from
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