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2017 Special Edition April 1

A MerleColeProduction!


Oshawa Garden Club is going to the dogs, and other small critters

Welcome to this Special Edition of the Newsletter, Oshawa Garden Club's traditional way of welcoming Spring! Now, we will look forward, in a lighthearted way, to the coming year. We like to look at ourselves as one big, happy family, who tend to grow on each other as we share experiences, share cultures, and cultivate new friendships. We always want to keep the Oshawa Garden Club growing!

We are introducing a new membership drive. Several incentives have already been started and others are being researched in our developmental gardens. We have ordered a truckload of manure to help nurture and promote these new ideas.


In addition to our traditional couples membership, we are adding new categories that will allow you to drag additional family members, imaginary friends, and pets to our meetings and events. The category that I am most excited about is the extended family membership that will allow you to include your garden gnomes and fairies and elves and leprechauns and sprites and pixies in your family membership. This is in recognition of those of you who are very attached to your garden friends. 

Extended Family

To support the family dog membership, we will be establishing special tree and shrub plantings along local dog-walks and trails and your dogs will certainly be welcome to show their approval for this initiative. These new members should keep our numbers up to allow our Ontario Horticultural Association Grant to come through!

Gnomenclature Workshop: To help you identify and uniquely name your garden gnomes. It will be lead by Debi, who has advised that travel gnomes will not be eligible to attend.

Fertilizer Workshop: This will be an event at the ODAWG Park. The plan is to pick up poop and make our own fertilizer. Should be fun!

Oshawa Garden Club Plant Sale March 27, 2017: Do not miss Garry's Famous Pot Party

Happy Spring and Stay Tuned for further announcements!


A special workshop on Gnomenclature, gnaming your gnu gnome, will be conducted by our own favourite gnome, Debi. Come out to find out more about gnomes and their interesting history, ancestry and culture. A date has not yet been set, as these little guys and gals are hard to round up. 

We are pleased to be invited to take part in the Hearth Place, Artists in the Garden - Garden Tour June 17, 2017. This is a fundraiser for Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre. Support this event with a financial donation, volunteering on the day of the tour, or volunteer your garden for the event, either this year or next. 
If you offer your garden, here are some super ideas to get you started!

First build a huge wall around the garden and try to get your neighbour to pay for it. Amend the soil with shredded New York Times newspapers and remember that the copies with fake news will work best! Fill the garden with orange flowers...really, really big flowers...the best flowers...winning flowers. Make your garden safe. Maybe a golf course theme? Make gardening great again!


In recognition of GardenOntario's promotion of the importance of pollinators to the health of the environment, not to mention our own gardens, the Oshawa Garden Club will be looking for nominations for pollinator of the year. We are also looking for new and innovative ideas for bee and butterfly hotels to add protection and safe havens for our endangered pollinators.

Our first nomination is for Bob.

Thanks for letting us joke around Bob!

On the Club's Facebook page, Bob brought to our attention the fact that robotic drones are now being developed to take over the job of bees. Please, please, please say it is not so and get your alternate nominations in soon or the hills will be alive with the sound of drones in the near future. 

Pollinator drone


Our Club's Vice President Merle consults with Past President fashion guru Gloria, for ideas on how to create a more floral presence for Oshawa Garden Club in the community. A new Club uniform is part of our membership drive and is meant to increase our profile in the Oshawa area.

Several proposed designs for a new club uniform have come out of our meetings. We have chosen a floral theme that some may find vaguely familiar and reminiscent of their foggy younger days. We have reached back to the 1960s and 1970s for inspiration. Unlike some other clubs, the Oshawa Club fully embraces its male members as an integral part of our family. We felt that this retro design era will become even more popular with the anticipated return of Cannabis Culture in Canada. We may partner with other Garden Clubs and promote a Summer of Love event.

Here are some of the designs that are under consideration. Once all submissions are in, we will be following our usual democratic process of putting it to the membership for voting. It is likely that this will take the form of a fashion show at our November meeting. Come early, as we anticipate a stampede at the registration desk, as members volunteer to model these new uniforms!

And now, for the ladies...

and then for the men...

heads up for the men...we are giving you an early start to work on your new long hair style

This Island has a reputation for hippies and folks with a relaxed attitude!

Our hippies: Merle and Mary Ellen


  • When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed is to pull on it. If it won't is a weed and if it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant. 

  • Look out the window and the tall, healthy, green plant is sure to be a weed. The small, slightly brown, slightly wilted plant is the one you paid $35.00 for last fall!

Plant some humour with one of these Sow and Dipity garden signs. This website has do-it-yourself instructions for making garden art / garden signs. The following are just a few of the laughs you will find on the website.  😊 

  • Welcome to the seedy side of town
  • Trespassers will be composted
  • Plant Whisperer
  • Loam wasn’t built in a day
  • One plant short of a flat
  • Don’t get your pansies in a bunch
  • Thyme flies when you’re in the garden
  • I tried... it died
  • Bless my bloomers
  • Bless my weeds
  • Gardeners spend all day in their beds
  • My garden isn’t dead, it’s sleeping
  • Gardeners learn by trowel and error
  • Thyme well spent
  • Beware, I’m losing my impatiens
  • Sow. Weed. Water. Wait.
  • Give a weed an inch and it will take a yard