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Answering the questions posed in our segment on Monday. Enjoy!

Hello everyone and thank you for attending our presentation on Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring last evening. We unfortunately ran out of time for questions during the sessions so I am posting the questions and our answers here.

1. Can I prune my Ivory Silk Lilac tree branch now or do I have to wait until after it blooms?

Answer: Yes you can prune your Ivory Silk Tree lilac in spring before new growth begins to maintain height, size or shape. And remove any damaged or dead branches.

2. Do you leave leaves that have tar spot?

Answer: Tar spot is a fungal disease of maples that mostly infects Norway maples and their cultivars and is considered cosmetic since it does no real harm to the trees. If you want to control the fungus you could rake and remove the leaves but unless everyone in your neighbourhood does the same, the fungus will return. Leaving the leaves with tar spot in your garden will do no harm to your garden plants since this fungus is specific to maples.

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