keeping our community green

Oshawa Garden Club members are interested in all things gardening. Our membership is devoted to keeping our community green. Even this website is served by a "green" hosting service.

Here’s a few of our activities:
• Monthly meetings from September through June
• The Greenleaf, the OGC newsletter, published by volunteers monthly from September to June
• Membership offers / discounts
• Seasonal plant sales
• Opportunity to participate in civic planting
• Bus trips and other special events
The Oshawa Garden Club was originally formed in 1910 as the Oshawa Horticultural Society. It was founded by a group of people interested in horticulture. It flourished for a number of years and then disbanded, re-formed and disbanded again. The club has now been going continuously since February 1931 and changed its name in 1974 to the Oshawa Garden Club.

The purpose was originally to promote interest in horticulture. This was demonstrated in 1922 in an article in the Oshawa Daily Times (formerly the Oshawa Reformer) reporting that the Board of Education and Home and School Clubs were joining with the Oshawa Horticultural Society. The society's President, Fred Carswell, wrote "to commence this year's activities... working in cooperation with a view to making the grounds surrounding the schools as attractive as possible, and also to educate children as well as older persons how to care for bulbs and later flowers, that will add to the appearance of the school".

Join us and get gardening!

Did you know...
The history of gardening extends across at least 4,000 years of human civilization. Egyptian tomb paintings of the 1500's BC are some of the earliest physical evidence of ornamental horticulture and landscape design. (Source: Wiki)

The picturesque garden style emerged in England in the 18th century, one of the growing currents of the larger Romantic movement. Garden designers like Capability Brown emulated the allegorical landscape paintings of European artists, especially Claude Lorraine, Poussin and Salvator Rosa. The manicured hills, lakes and trees dotted with allegorical temples were sculpted into the land. (Source: Wiki)
Daylily Garden Opening at OVBG July 2018
Daylily Garden Lindsay, Robin, Janet
Day Lily Garden Project at OVBG
Members of the Oshawa Garden Club attended the Official Opening and Plaque Unveiling of the New Daylily Collection located within the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens on Friday, July 20, 2018. The daylily collection was established in 2017, and was made possible by the generous donation from Henry Lorrain and the late Douglas Lycett founders of We’re in the Hayfield Now. A number of members of the Oshawa Garden Club were instrumental in the Daylily Garden project, volunteering over these past years with the planning, dig out, transportation and dig in. The Daylily Garden was designed to resemble a typical daylily flower. The collection includes 269 daylilies showcasing a variety of bloom times, sizes and colours.

gazebo members
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Oshawa Garden Club, it was decided in April of 2004 to make a major contribution to the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens. In September of 2004 it was agreed that this contribution would be a gazebo for the centre of the Peony Garden. After two years of hard work and partnering with the City of Oshawa, the Gazebo Dedication Ceremony took place on June 14, 2006.

Tree Planting in Honour of the Queen’s Jubilee
This event was made possible through a donation from the Ontario Horticultural Association to the Oshawa Garden Club in recognition of the Queen’s Jubilee. A Bur Oak tree was planted in Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, September 26, 2012, south of John Street in Brick Valley Park.

healing hands cheque
Horticultural Therapy
Horticultural Therapy is a recognized form of therapy for children, the elderly, those with various illnesses both physical and mental, those with alcohol and drug addiction and those incarcerated in penal institutions. This therapy uses plants, gardens and the natural landscape to improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being, build self-esteem and feelings of independence. With this in mind the Oshawa Garden Club started a project in February 2010 providing monthly Horticultural Therapy at Lakeridge Health Oshawa.

memory garden
Memory Garden
On May 30th, 2009, despite all the wet weather, phase one of the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens (OVBG), Memory Garden at the southwest corner of Kaiser and Adelaide was planted. Members from Oshawa Garden Club as well as City Staff, The Rotary Club of Oshawa, Parkwood Rotary and the Air Cadets joined the OVBG and the neighbourhood volunteers to beautify what was once a ball diamond. Over 300 trees, fall shrubs and plants now create a masterpiece for all to enjoy.

OGC members at hearthplace
Healing Garden at Hearth Place
Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre was established in 1997 to serve the community as a support centre for cancer patients and their families. As a drop-in centre in the comfort of a homelike atmosphere, Hearth Place offers peer support, information, a resource centre, wellness programs and an ongoing lecture and discussion series. In 2009, with funding from Great-West Life and London Life, a new Healing Garden was established.