Flower Shows


The Oshawa Garden Club ( in regular times) hosts Faux Flower Shows, meaning that they are not official flower shows, but a clear representation of what an official show would be like. We would like you to experience some of the fun and learning that showing flowers can bring. Although it may appear daunting at first, if you start slowly and use the information and ideas provided, you will find it easier than you think.

The classes follow the growing season so don’t expect to show daffodils in the fall ?. Judges are looking for the “perfect” bloom not the most exotic. Entries should be clean and at their peak. Attention should be paid to how you display your specimen, or specimens, depending on the class, to show it off the best. In Horticultural classes this means choosing a clear container that supports the entry and shows off the bloom. Design classes allow you to use a variety of containers and show off your creativity.

Details and hints for preparing your entries can be found in the OGC Flower Show Rules and the Classes for the specific months. Of course, the Show Committee are always there to answer your questions and make suggestions. You can reach the show committee members here.

OGC Flower Show Rules

May Classes
June Classes
September Classes
October Classes

Debi and I have attended an Ontario Horticultural Judging School and have successfully graduated.  We have completed all necessary criteria and are qualified to go to any OHA sanctioned show ( club, society, or fair ) and judge show exhibits in Horticulture and Design.  We are here to help or assist with any questions you may have regarding the show table.  Please do not hesitate to ask, there are no bad questions!

Flower Show Committee Members

Debi Foster
Greg Merlin

OGC Faux Shows will resume once in-person regular meetings do and we look forward to welcoming you back to have some fun!