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January 2018 Greenleaf


Welcome to the New Year!
The Oshawa Garden Club will be turning 87 in 2018, quite an accomplishment for a volunteer organization. We are still green and growing with a strong membership base and our commitment and vision remain relevant. We continue to be educated and inspired and we have many accomplished gardeners attending our meetings. We continue to promote partnerships in the community.

Pick up your 2018 Bookmark, a quick reference for meeting dates and Speakers, and feel free to take extras to share with friends and neighbours. 

Thanks to our webmaster, our website is always evolving and has information about the meetings and a variety of garden-related information.

The Board has been planning for 2018 but your ideas and suggestions will enrich our Club. Please feel free to approach any Board Member,  identified by a green name tag or e-mail me at

See you on Monday! Robin


Pantone Colour of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Perennial of the Year 2018: Allium 'Millenium'
Hosta of the Year 2018: World Cup


Cullen Gardens closed in 2006 and the little houses went into storage. They have been purchased by Niagara Parks Commission's Botanical Gardens and this season they have been part of an exhibit called Life On Display. Plan an outing at

BILL 139

This environmental bill has just been passed by the Ontario government and it includes a New Conservation Authorities Act. The modernization of this 1946 legislation will strengthen Water Shed Management. Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities play a central role in the management of our water and land resources and they need everyone's support.


At the beginning of the year, we usually have a few volunteer spots to fill and new faces always bring new ideas that benefit us all. Experienced faces also stay on and this mix works well for everyone. Do not worry about getting in over your head, as volunteers are supported by Board members, other committee members, and notes will be provided to describe the position. You choose your time commitment, big or small. A few hours at the Plant Sale may be a small donation of time for you, but a big donation to your Club and remember OMAFRA loves volunteer hours.
  • The Plant Sale on May 26 needs a Convenor. 
  • Hearth Place Garden-Upkeep convenor Jill Snape is looking for volunteers to help weed this garden, a few times, over the summer. Jill needs your email to send you the information and dates. 
  • Sharing Gardens, our in-club garden tour needs committee members and gardens to visit. Convenor Jill Snape.
  • Strawberry Social on June 11 is looking for a co-convenor and committee members. Convenor Cathy Brown.
  • Christmas Social on December 3 needs a convenor and committee members. 
  • Speakers. More time is involved with this position, as you need to research the speakers, book them, and confirm with them. There is a budget set by the Board. If this interests you, Robin will shadow you until you are comfortable with the position. 
  • Membership. This is Nadia's last year and the Club is looking for someone to sit at the Sign-In table and keep track of the Membership. This position starts September 2018. It would be helpful if you could let Nadia know and sit with her at the table in the Spring, to get an understanding of the position, for a smooth transition in September.
  • The Ontario Horticultural Association and our District 17 often have positions to fill, if you are interested in a little travel and feel keen to promote garden clubs in our area or in the province. Consider attending the Convention in July to meet other garden societies and to observe how horticultural associations work.


Marilyn TrunksPresident of the Pine Ridge Garden Club (Nestleton) and Treasurer of our District 17 died on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Marilyn was devoted to her community, a strong supporter of the Ontario Horticultural Association and she will be missed by many garden club members.



Thank you to Debi


Welcome to Elaine Davidson, from the Durham Master Gardeners. Her topic is Care of Houseplants


We had 174 members at our November meeting and our OMAFRA grant will be based on this number.

50-50 DRAW

Buy your ticket from Janice


A lucky volunteer will receive a $25.00 gift card from Kingsway Greenhouse. Kingsway Greenhouse is Oshawa's largest, full service, independent garden centre and they support our Club, by offering a 10% discount on regularly priced plants.


The theme could be Cold Weather....imagined freely and presented in a floral display. Use any plant material, including vegetables or herbs. Theme related accessories may be added. Faux flowers and foliage may also be incorporated.
Club members are also welcome to show off their indoor plants, for example, a planted violet in bloom.
Thanks, Vida


Closed for January and February.
See you again on March 12. Faye and Sharon


As avid photographers, I thought you may be interested in the District 17 Annual General Meeting Photo Show on April 21, 2018.
➤Entries must be received by March 23.
The rules and regulations, along with themes, hints and suggestions are posted on our website Tap into your creative-winter-landscape-side and send in a few entries and hear the ooh's and ahh's, as D17 members view the photo show.
Cheers, Debi

Member Robert has posted an album of our November meeting on Facebook. It was a busy meeting and Robert captured it all. Thanks for sharing!


A Gentle Plea for Chaos: Reflections from an English Garden by Mirabel Osler


The Board members regret the sound system difficulties we have experienced lately. There is a meeting planned with the Hall personnel to see if we can solve this frustrating problem.


This annual horticultural open house takes place at the Toronto Botanical Garden on February 18 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Free


Here is Greeter Merle greeting, winning school spirit, organizing a rodeo, and pretty much putting a smile on everyone's face!

Life members are awarded after contributing several years of service to the Oshawa Garden Club.
Welcome to our new life members:
Ann Couch, Garry Lucas, Sandy Rakestrow and Bonnie White.

Kudos to our vendors, Linda C, Coni P, Marie H, Sharon C, Anne L.J, Linda Z, Marianne V D, Joan W, Lynn M, Catherine H, and Monica H. 
The members look forward to this annual pre-Christmas shopping tradition and the Board would especially like to thank you for making this happen. 
Also, a big thank you and shout out to our members, who shopped and supported these talented folks. 
Craft Sale Convenor Nadia B

President Robin Burns welcomed 90 members to our Social. The hall was decorated and the tables were set with white tablecloths, red doilies
and poinsettias. We enjoyed a delicious Ukrainian Dinner. The dessert, punch, coffee and tea were paid for by the Club. Members commented that they preferred to change-it-up from previous years to a catered dinner. 
Pat Aasen and Jan Kerr were in charge of the entertainment and they came up with several reindeer games. The highlight was a team challenge to change the words to “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and sing the new version. The results were amazing!
  • Carolyn A won the Winter Basket.
  • President Robin won the 50/50 and graciously donated her winnings to Simcoe Hall, a total of $311.35.

Thank you to the members and the volunteers for making this a fun-filled night out with friends. Convenor Monika Kachel 


(sung to the tune of Rudolph)

You know Trudeau and Harper and
O’Bama and Putin,
May and Merkel and
Lincoln and Johnson
But do you recall
The most famous leader of all
Donald, the red-nosed leader
had a very big ego
and if you ever saw it
you would even say it shows.
All of the other leaders
used to laugh and tweet him names
They never let poor Donald
play in any leader games.
Then one foggy Christmas eve
Santa came to say:
Donald with your hair so bright,
won’t you guide my missile tonight?
Then all the leaders loved him
as they shouted out impeach!!!
Donald the red-nosed leader
you’ll go down in history!


All entries to the photo contest were winners!
Thank you to those members who entered the contest and submitted photos, as it is inspiring for Club members to see your creative work.
Congratulations to Debi, as her photo received the most votes for the 2018 Bookmark.

Debi F


Ann C

Lynn M


Ann S

Debbie M

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