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September 2018 Greenleaf


Do you wish summer would never end? Or are you like me and starting to look forward to fall. Whatever the case be sure to take this time to enjoy your garden.

As a child, I loved summer with the hots days, sunshine and endless outdoor activities. At some point, and I’m not sure exactly when my preference shifted to fall. The days are still bright and warm, the mornings and evenings cool and the colours in my garden are bright and appealing. As we shift into the fall season, I look forward to the colourful plantings of Rudbeckia black-eyed susan, Echinacea coneflower and Chelone Obliqua turtlehead. The grasses seem to have appeared from nowhere, along with the decorative ornamental kale plants and of course the Chrysanthemums and Asters appearing in every nursery and grocery storefront.

My summer has been full of garden-related activities including an HNA Travels Bus Tour to the Buffalo Garden Walk, the Ontario Horticultural Association Convention in Kingston, and our own Oshawa Garden Club Sharing Gardens Tour. I enjoyed chatting with other gardeners, sharing tips and learning from their experiences. Each garden visit and each person I met inspired me to learn more, plant more, and be more creative.

These are the same elements that the Oshawa Garden Club hopes to offer our members. A chance to learn, share and be inspired, as we enjoy a friendly and welcoming environment.

September starts our new Membership year. If you haven’t renewed as yet, please download a membership form and bring it with you to our September meeting. Nadia will be set-up at the entrance to welcome you. Membership fees remain at $20 for single or $30 for a couple. Pay by cash or cheque made out to the Oshawa Garden Club.

Our goal is to reach 200 members by November so please help us out.

I look forward to seeing you at our meeting!    Robin


Nominate a member for the President's Award
Speak to President Robin.

Join the 2019 Board

Speak to Debi Foster or a Board member or President Robin for more info.

Enter a photo in the Blooming Oshawa Contest

Details: We will accept one 4” x 6” photograph per participant, so choose your best shot!  The photograph is to be mounted on a 5” x 7” piece of white cardstock or Bristol board with the photographer’s name and phone number printed on the back centre top. Photographs are to be submitted to Debi by September 30, 2018. The photographs will be displayed at the October 15, 2018 meeting for the membership vote. The winner will be printed on the 2019 Bookmark.

Register for a table at our Annual Craft Sale, November 12  

If you have items to sell and would like a table, at no cost, please sign-up at the Volunteer Table or speak with Nadia.

Secretary Catherine 

The deadline to submit your Committee Report is October 15. Check your 2017 report on our website if you need to refresh your memory. The 2018 Annual Report is a large document and Catherine needs time to put it together and print it before the November 12 meeting. 
The deadline to submit your Volunteer Hours is November 12. OMAFRA needs membership information and volunteer hours to calculate our annual grant.
For more information, see Catherine at the Volunteer Table.
Email your report to


Show your commitment to the environment by bringing your own mug to the meeting.

Sign up new OGC members

Win a free membership by signing up new members. Friends and neighbours are welcome.

Join the Plant Sale Committee

This is a new adventure for Judy and she is looking for allies that are interested in sharing Plant Sale ideas with her and also general brainstorming ideas. For example, members seem to like our Q&A sessions...maybe we could have a table at the meeting for questions and post the answers on Facebook? or think of ways to attract the Horticulture students at Durham College? Chat with Judy at the meeting.


Reminder to all members, if you still have signs from the May Plant Sale, please dust them off and bring them to the September meeting.

Think Spring! Now is the time to take a walk around your garden (and take pictures too) with an eye to identifying the plants you want to move, divide or donate to the Spring Plant Sale. Fall is a great time to dig and divide many plants. If they are destined for the Plant Sale put them in a corner of your garden with easy access in the Spring or mark them well with sturdy garden markers or popsicle sticks or small rocks. Avoid playing the guessing game next Spring!  Judy

Silphium Perfoliatum Cup Plant from the asteraceae family was one of the most talked about plants this summer. This plant thrives in full to part sun in Zones 3-9 and its bright yellow blooms are in view August to September. The more room it is given the more it will take and it reaches heights of 8-10 feet. The large pointed opposite leaves join its square-shaped stems forming cups that catch and store rainwater. This water feature attracts birds and butterflies. I expect to have some of this towering, flowering, herbaceous perennial available at the 2019 Plant Sale.  Robin
Cup Plant



    See this website and support a local Courtice business that sharpens garden tools and more.

    *New date: April 26, 27, 28, 2019
    *New venue: Fleming College, Trades and Technology Building
    The Peterborough Garden Show Committee has been discussing ideas to improve the Show in 2019, with featured speakers, more demos and hands-on workshops. It was a difficult decision to move the date, but the weather is unpredictable, and we need to minimize our risk of another ice storm.


    Two Billion Trees and Counting: The Legacy of Edmund Zavitz
    by John Bacher
    Edmund Zavitz (1875-1968) rescued Ontario from the ravages of increasingly more powerful floods, erosion, and deadly fires. Wastelands were taking over many hectares of once-flourishing farmlands and towns. Sites like the Oak Ridges Moraine were well on their way to becoming a dust bowl and all because of extensive deforestation.
    Zavitz held the positions of chief forester of Ontario, deputy minister of forests, and director of reforestation. His first pilot reforestation project was in 1905, and since then Zavitz has educated the public and politicians about the need to protect Ontario forests. By the mid-1940s, conservation authorities, provincial nurseries, forestry stations, and bylaws protecting trees were in place. The land was being restored.
    Just a month before his death, the one billionth tree was planted by Premier John Robarts. Some two billion more would follow. As a result of Zavitz's work, the Niagara Escarpment, once a wasteland, is now a UNESCO World Biosphere. 
    National Forestry Week Sept 23 - 29, 2018
    National Tree Day September 23, 2018

    If you missed our Members Sharing Gardens Tour, see the great photos by member Jone and enjoy all the featured gardens on the tour. Member Robert has put up a photo gallery from the Strawberry Social and the Plant Sale. The Opening of the Day Lily Garden at the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens was well attended by club members and politicians alike. Merle posted this photo on Facebook in July.

    OVBG: Fab Photo by Merle



    Thank you to Jannie for our welcome tonight.


    Fall Colour in the Garden with John Statham 

    50-50 tickets are available from Janice

    Imagination Station
    The Imagination Station is evolving to an Ideas Table with a new name to be determined. The plan is to bring your ideas, projects, and creative inspirations to share with our members. Vida is going to bring some samples to the meeting and present them during the announcements.
    Interested Pinterest People Unite!

    Plant Table
    Thank you to Faye and Sharon for volunteering at the Indoor Plant Table and keeping us green throughout the year. Labelled seed packages can be swapped here.
    The Big-Give-Away

    A free exchange of newish-used-garden-type-items, garden pots, garden magazines, etc. is planned for October 15. Members are asked to bring in items that need a new home. Due to lack of storage, we ask you to take home any items not picked up.
    Volunteer Table
    Secretary Catherine will be at the table this month to help any member who needs help calculating Volunteer Hours. Garden work done outside the Club is also eligible for Volunteer Hours. If you do garden work at a school or a church etc., this too should be added. 
    Also, sign-up sheets for Garden Club Committees can be found here.

    Garden Night Out!

    Lorraine Johnson will be speaking in Oshawa on September 27. All information can be found here.

    Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter

    This Tip Sheet can be found under Gardener's Blog on the Durham Master Gardeners website



    • 10 members of the Oshawa Garden Club attended the Convention in Kingston in July.
    • A new OHA Judging and Exhibiting Standards booklet will be available this fall.
    • the OHA has been working long and hard to launch their new website at but it is not quite there yet.
    • Thank you to Lee Valley Tools, RBC, and Loblaws for their sponsorship.
    • OMAFRA thanked the OHA for our work on the Pollinator Initiative.
    • There are 19 Districts in the Ontario Horticultural Association with 270 Societies. Our District 17 has 1218 members. District 6 Hamilton is the largest with 2432 members. Members of the OHA have contributed 517,209 garden club volunteer hours. Multiply that by the minimum wage!
    • Our new President is Kathryn Smyth, a delightful person. 
    • Our Vice-President is Charles Freeman. He is the Debi Foster of the OHA, as he takes on Constitutional issues. Yikes!
    • Our Second Vice-President is Joanne Rachfalowski. Along with the other members of the OHA executive, she is a ball of fire! Carson Arthur gave a most interesting speech and told us bluntly that OHA membership is down by half and our garden knowledge will die with us if we don't figure out a way to share it with the next generation. Carson said, bring the change that the OHA needs and learn to communicate to the next generation of gardeners. Joanne is starting the conversation and I will share her ideas in future newsletters.
    • The 2019 Convention will be held July 19 - 21 at the Best Western Waterfront Hotel in Windsor, District 11. Theme: Come to the Deep South Where Everything Grows.




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    The next Greenleaf deadline is Tuesday, October 9, 2018

    The next meeting is Monday, October 15, 2018

    Oshawa is plant hardiness zone 5b