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Ted's Garden - Prairie Dock

In the past two years I’ve taken out three large Prairie Dock (Sylphium terebinthinaceum). Not because they aren’t superb plants but because I’ve been simplifying my gardens.

These are very big bold plants. They are one of three rosin weeds native to our tall grass prairies. The other two are better known, Compass Plant ( Sylphium laciniatum) and Cup Plant Silphium perfoliatum). In my opinion prairie dock is the nicest, boldest specimen, mostly because of the huge elephant ears leaves. All three rosin weeds have basically the same flowers but different leaves. And all three have thick square stalks that keep it standing tall at least until the ground gets soft in wet falls, then a few stalks might come over.

Anyway, I guess I didn’t go down deep enough when I dug out said plants because I’ve been fighting pieces coming up in those spots all year. So, I don’t want to throw out more of this plant, it’s just too nice for someone who has the room for it, preferably a prominent spot and plans to leave it where it is. Does anyone want these things? I’ll insert a weblink and attach a couple of pics of the two coming out, one already a bit bigger than the other. My biggest plant got to about a five or six foot diameter rosette of big bold leaves and up to about ten foot tall. If anyone wants them, email me and we can set up a time to come and get them.




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