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CELEBRATING GARDEN HUMOUR IN APRILPRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Welcome to April and the official start of the Gardening Season based on the arrival of spring, sun, warmer temperatures and garden shows.Here is your thought for the month and the cure for Winter BluesGetting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels because contact with soil and soil bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEAs the snow and cold persist at record-setting levels, I think that we all feel the need for garden therapy sometime soon. I just took the time to pull a few spring bulbs out of my garage to force, hoping to hurry along the feel of gardening and get the jump on spring. I will try to photograph and video record the process of forcing and share another How-to-Video with you. I had
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE  In recent weeks we have begun to look both back and ahead for our beloved Oshawa Garden Club. We are looking back to reflect on our long and amazing journey as both a Horticultural Society and as a Garden Club. In two years, we will be celebrating our 90th anniversary, just one decade short of a full century. If we look beyond our charter date of 1931, we see that there
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEHappy New Year, fellow GardenersExperiencing spring-like weather at the beginning of January is encouraging us to look ahead to spring planting and beautiful things to come. It is also a time to look back and to be thankful. As your incoming President, I am thankful for Robin’s leadership that has helped to make the OGC strong. Her legacy continues with a wonderful line-up of Speakers
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November 2018Greenleaf

CULTIVATING OSHAWA GARDEN CLUB 2018THIS IS OUR YEAR END MEETING The doors will open for craft-vendors at 5:00 pm and for members at 6:30 pm Our Greeter tonight is Gloria, Past President 2014 - 2015 Arrive early and start your shopping at our very own one-of-a-kind show. Our talented members are offering fine art, note cards, stained glass, scarves, bags and luggage, clay garden art, and specialty
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEFall is here and I hope that you are enjoying every opportunity to be in your garden. I am finally planting a few things that I purchased over the summer and also some daffodil, tulip and narcissus bulbs. I know that by spring I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of these colourful blooms. Cleaning up the garden for the end of the season has different meanings for each of
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September 2018 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Do you wish summer would never end? Or are you like me and starting to look forward to fall. Whatever the case be sure to take this time to enjoy your garden. As a child, I loved summer with the hots days, sunshine and endless outdoor activities. At some point, and I’m not sure exactly when my preference shifted to fall. The days are still bright and warm, the mornings and evenings
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June 2018 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGEGardening Season is in full bloom! It is a busy time, as we discover what has taken root from our past plantings and we work tirelessly to keep the weeds in check.  Finding space to add new plants can be a challenge, but a good gardener can always make room or add another container! Our Speaker, Peter Green comes to us from Greenhouse on the River in Lakefield with ideas
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May 2018 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE May is symbolic for me with Gardening, Family Birthdays and Mother’s Day – all of which translate to Flowers and Plants.Our presenter this month, Lizzie Matheson is a Floral Designer Extraordinaire. She will teach, enlighten and dazzle you with her tips, stories and designs. You will be awed with her floral creations and laugh along as she infuses her humour into each piece
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April 2018 Greenleaf

CELEBRATING GARDEN HUMOURApril Fool's Day is past, but goodness knows, if anyone needs to keep a sense of humour, it is the Gardener. There are several theories about the origin of this day, but for our purposes, the Encyclopedia Britannica theory works best. The timing of this day of pranks seems to be related to the arrival of spring when nature "fools" mankind with fickle weather. Well, ain't
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE I am looking forward to enjoying longer days filled with sunshine, as we are just a few weeks away from the arrival of spring and the beginning of daylight savings time. The changes have begun in my garden and I am anxious to get out for a spring cleaning being mindful of leaving some leaves and branches for the protection of my backyard insects, birds and critters. I recently
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February 2018 Greenleaf

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE One of the benefits of gardening, in our part of Canada, is that we have the ideal weather in the winter months to stay indoors pondering and planning our garden spaces for the new season. I use this time to think about what I would like to do differently, as I research my options, and start to put a plan into place. Gardening websites, Pinterest, YouTube and magazines are all great
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