In honour of OGC’s 75th Anniversary, we sponsored the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens (OVBG) gazebo for all to enjoy.

The vision for the Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden (O.V.B.G.) -is to develop a unique botanical garden attraction in Oshawa. This is to be done by incorporating the nationally designated gardens of Parkwood, The R. S. McLaughlin Estate, with a series of modern feature gardens linked by the parklands and the natural terrain of the Oshawa Valley Creek trail system. Set amidst the naturalized creek banks and old-growth trees, the on-going development of the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens will delight people for many years to come.

To view the gardens, take a look at the virtual tour

The OGC also participates in non-member activities by assisting with the upkeep of the Peony Garden, Daylily Garden, and Memory Garden.

“In spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt” Margaret Atwood

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