About OGC

About OGC

The Oshawa Garden Club (OGC) was originally formed in 1910 as the Oshawa Horticultural Society. It was founded by a group of people interested in horticulture; flourishing for several years then disbanded, re-formed, and disbanded again. The club has now been operating continuously since February 1931 and changed its name in 1974 to the Oshawa Garden Club.

Our purpose then as it is now, is to promote interest in all things Green; horticulture, agriculture, environmental responsibility, a communal enjoyment of green space, and more.  Our mission remains committed to encouraging interest and the improvement of our community green space by:

  • Holding meetings respecting the theory and practice of horticulture
  • Encouraging the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers on public and private grounds
  • Promoting balcony and community gardening and outdoor beautification
  • Arranging field trips, contests, competitions and exhibitions related to horticulture and awarding of prizes
  • Distributing seeds, plants, bulbs, flowers, trees and shrubs
  • Promoting the protection of the environment
  • Promoting the circulation of horticultural information through any media.
  • Promoting the benefits of therapeutic horticulture.
  • Stimulating an interest in the study of horticulture and encouraging participation by youth in horticulture.

The Oshawa Garden Club operates as a not for profit organization.

OGC is part of District 17 (D17) under the umbrella of the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) (Garden Ontario).  

The OHA is a volunteer organization that receives support and funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). The current Minister of OMAFRA is Honourable Ernie Hardeman (MPP Oxford).

To remain in good standing and be eligible to receive various grants, the OGC Board is required to file annual returns with both OHA and OMAFRA which include a list of Officers and Directors, audited financial statements, membership numbers, the date of our annual general meeting and our volunteer hours.

To see some historical goodness, click the link here, and we are glad you stopped in to see a part of our journey.

Cheers to the Greenery and beyond.