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Here are the OGC we are excited to bring fresh content to you this year via zoom, email or safely in person (when able). We are trying new things, keeping the traditional favourites and we hope everyone has a great garden year ahead. Please join us in welcoming the below speakers this year. As more guests join, this page will be updated.

Happy Gardening!


Monday January 10, 2022

Please Welcome
Durham Master Gardener co-speakers: Lindsay Code and Rabeeya Amjad.

What Can Gardeners Do in the Winter

The Durham Master Gardeners have created a new topic for
gardeners who cannot wait until spring! This presentation explores a range of activities that gardeners can pursue – planning your next garden, indoor plants, seed starting, winter art projects and more.

Monday February 14, 2022

Please Welcome
Ken Brown

Growing Plants From Seed

In this presentation Ken draws the average gardener deeper into the joys of horticulture. Everyone who has ever wished for a wider range of flowers and vegetables to plant into their garden will find the answer to their dilemma by perusing the seed racks and catalogues. Ken removes the mystery of starting your own plants from seed by revealing the tips and tricks that horticulturists use to successfully turn a packet of dry, lifeless appearing, seeds into healthy young transplants for our spring gardens. A lifetime of successes and not a few failures have left Ken with host of interesting and often humourous anecdotes and ideas that will have his audience rushing to their basement light tables to Dally in the Dirt in the dead of winter.

Monday March 14, 2022

Please Welcome
Heinke Thiessen

Heinke has always felt a connection to the natural world starting in her youngest years growing up on a dairy farm in the Eastern Townships in Quebec. Her interest in plants led to the formation of her own landscape company, teaching in the Horticultural Program at Sheridan College and becoming an accredited Horticulture and Floral Design Judge. Now retired, Heinke continues to pursue her interest in horticultural and floral design and enjoys connecting with like-minded people both virtually and in personal life.

Monday April 11, 2022

Please Welome
Victoria (Vikki) Whitney

“What’s New in 2022”

Victoria will be going over new plants, inspiration and all things that will make 2022 special in the garden.