SOIL, It All Begins Here!

SOIL, It All Begins Here!
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April 8th In Person Meeting

Speaker: Ingrid Janssen – Durham Master Gardeners

Soil is one of our most important resources and yet many of us know very little about it. This presentation will provide an introduction to soil, what it is, the different soil textures, the soil food web and how to create healthy soil.

Ingrid Janssen is a horticulturist, speaker, blogger and master gardener. She has been gardening for most of her life and is a passionate, some would say “crazy gardener”.  How else to describe someone who plants bulbs despite 15cm. of snow! She is an inspirational speaker who has appeared on Rogers TV Durham and has spoken at Canada Blooms many times.  She has both ornamental and food production gardens on her country property and has been a dedicated native plant gardener for over 30 years. Ingrid received her Horticulturist Diploma from the University of Guelph and is an active member of several horticultural and plant societies. She volunteers on many garden projects in her community the most notable of which is the restoration of the perennial borders at the Parkwood National Historic Site in Oshawa.