The Language of Gardening

The Language of Gardening
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June 10 In Person Meeting

Speaker: Evelyn Wolf

This is a presentation that will surprise with information that you thought you knew, but didn’t really.  What exactly IS a Perennial, Annual, Shrub, etc., and why does it matter to know?   Tubers … corms … bulbs…stolons…rhizomes…fibrous… they are all roots, but knowing what the differences are helps understand best maintenance.   What do the terms “Hardy” or “Tender” on the plant labels mean when you’re considering a purchase or how to grow?  What exactly is a “Hardiness Zone” and how does this determine what you can grow in YOUR garden?  Botanical Latin plant names? – not just snobbery – there’s often lots of useful information about a plant built into the name.  

Evelyn has been a hands-on gardener for over 30 years, with a passion for collecting and experimenting with new plants and their design possibilities has been something close to an obsession!    … 30 years of gardening as her main leisure pastime  … 20 years teaching classes, presenting seminars, and writing gardening articles  … 10 years operating a garden specialty bookstore where all her curiosities could be explored … and 13 years tending to clients’ gardens throughout York Region, has been her training ground.  
Over the years, a fascination with not only the art of garden design, but the science of how plants and gardens tick, led her to explore, observe, experiment, and ultimately develop an immense respect for the amazingly intricate natural cycles of a garden’s life.  Both above ground in the plants and below ground in the soil that feeds and supports them, there’s a fine-tuned symbiosis that continues to fascinate her.  Combined with the flood of exciting new plants on the market each year and the endless creative possibilities offered by even the tiniest patch of ground, she doesn’t expect to ever tire of gardening and what she does!

Evelyn owns and operates Garden Possibilities