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Acer Tree, professional Arboriculture specialists serving
South Eastern Ontario and Greater Toronto Area.

Zack and Brytnie Acer’s presentation about Tree Maintenance will help you keep your trees in tip top shape.  They will discuss :

  • Selective Pruning
  • Thinning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Cabling
  • Dead Wooding
  • Shrub Pruning / Hedging

Acer Tree is a well-respected company in Durham Region.  They have endeared themselves to Durham citizens because they have often been kind enough to help rescue cats that found themselves stuck in trees!

Zack grew up always doing something on his uncle’s Sugar Bush property.  He had a great love of trees early on.  He always knew that this was the career path he would follow and in 2012, he entered the Humber College Urban Arboriculture program and worked his way up in a few companies before making the jump to starting his own company in 2016.

Brytnie started out as a baker in a family business, but always felt she was destined to work outdoors, doing something exciting.  While writing up an application to join Hydro One, she came across a position for a Utility Arborist, which made her think that she could explore the field of arboriculture to became and arborist, without having to deal with Hydro lines.  In 2016 she started with a tree company and absorbed everything she could learn, and joined the Humber College Arboriculture Apprenticeship program in 2018.  After working for a few different companies, Brytnie started work at a competitor of Zack’s in Oshawa.  The company posted a photo of the newest crewmember and that photo caught Zack’s eye.  He thought “This is a girl who also climbs trees.  I need to meet her!”   He reached out to Brytnie on Instragram and their relationship grew from there.  They combined their talent and work ethic to run Acer Tree together full-time in 2020.

Contact Zack and Brytnie at or

Brytnie and Zack in action