WITH GEOFF CARPENTIER – FEB.13, 2023 We all love and appreciate nature, and gardeners, perhaps, understand better than others the complex relationships we have with wildlife. Join Geoff as he shares his thoughts on living with and near wildlife as we develop our own beautiful 
  • Our Members are award winning!
    Two long-time OGC members, Robert (Bob) Bell and Judy Bryson were each presented with a Platinum Jubilee Award by MP Colin Carrie in November of 2022. The pin and certificate are presented to those who embody the qualities of selflessness, dedication, service to others and 
  • Message from Lorraine Roberts
    In appreciation of my speaking engagement, I’m offering a 10% discount coupon for all perennial plant purchases made online by any member of the Oshawa Garden Club.   Enter the coupon code at checkout on our website to receive 10% off any plant purchase. (This 
    New for 2023 the Oshawa Garden Club is holding a seed fundraiser featuring seeds from Florabunda Seeds in Peterborough.  Florabunda seeds offers a wide variety of heirloom and unusual flower, vegetable and herb seeds. The link to the order form can be found at the 
  • January Speaker’s Presentation
    A Tour of Plant Paradise Country Gardens In this colourful presentation, Lorraine Roberts takes you on a vibrant tour of Plant Paradise Country Gardens. She artistically uncovers the design techniques and history behind the creation of the spectacular perennial gardens that have drawn visitors to 
  • October’s Speaker: “Tips, Tricks & Slips” with Mary-Jane Pilgrim 
    “Tips, Tricks & Slips” is a new talk focusing on the good, the bad and the do-overs of her experiences as a mostly perennials gardener.  “After many years and thousands of plants, I sometimes think I’ve seen it all — but I clearly haven’t! Learn how 
  • Year of the Garden
    Find all the latest updates on how Canadians are celebrating this year, and “living the garden life”!
  • President’s Message
    Happy Summer. I hope that you are enjoying your gardens and taking the time to enjoy the sunshine although at the time of writing this I am wishing we had some more rain. Not the 10 minute downpours but that nice gentle all day rain 
  • Welcome
    Whether you have a large gardens, small gardens, patio or balcony gardens, or even no garden at all; we welcome everyone whose curiosity, passion and love for such unique spaces which has led you to us. Our many activities and volunteer opportunities give our experts