• Annual Plant Sale
    Don’t miss OGC’s annual plant sale on Saturday May 27th.
    OGC assumes no responsibility if you attend these trips. They are recommended by ourformer Greenleaf editor. All details can be found by visiting the respective websites. OGC hasno further information on these tours. a bus trip to RBG, Whistling Gardens, and Northland Nursery onThursday, 
    The following is what was received from another club that was very successful.  We will be trying this but be warned that there may not be an opportunity for any warranties.  The OGC is not responsible if your purchase does not survive.  You must also 
  • Rain Barrel Sale!
  • 19th Annual Peony Festival
    155 Arena St., Oshawa10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11
    Oshawa Garden Club – Ask A Gardener If you have garden questions here’s your chance to talk to experienced gardeners from the Oshawa Garden Club. Feel free to bring pictures! Tuesday June 6, 2023 – 6-7:30 pmOshawa Public Libraries – Delpark Homes Community Centre Branch 
  • Drought Tolerant Plants
    October 16th with Anna Mizyn. Anna is originally from Poland, and came to Canada in 1989. In Poland she spent 2 years at Horticultural College, and worked at the local Farmers Co-op. In her spare time she worked in local orchards, and grew and sold 
  • Weed Identification in the Garden
    July 10th with Richard Dickinson. Richard has over 35 years of field experience as a vegetation biologist. He has worked for several government agencies, departments and universities, including Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources, and the University of Toronto. He is currently involved 
  • Birds, Bees and Butterflies
    June 12th with Paul Oliver . Paul Oliver is an avid birder and is the founder of Urban Nature Store, with eight locations, including the online store and the Urban Nature Store at 370 Taunton Road East, in Oshawa. The Urban Nature Store offers 
  • President’s Message – Winter 2023
    by Greg Merlin It’s that time of year when all the seed and plant catalogues start arriving in the mail and we begin to dream of spring. Looking at all those beautiful glossy photographs and thinking how great that plant and that plant and that 
  • Parkwood Tennis Court Border Gardens Project 2022 Update
    We have completed the 4th year of this 5-year project at the Parkwood Historic Site and are very proud of our results. Our combined team of OGC volunteers, Parkwood staff and volunteers and members of the Durham Master Gardeners have combined our talents and knowledge 
  • Welcome
    Whether you have a large gardens, small gardens, patio or balcony gardens, or even no garden at all; we welcome everyone whose curiosity, passion and love for such unique spaces which has led you to us. Our many activities and volunteer opportunities give our experts